Interested in becoming a driver? Rent your permit?


Looking for peace of mind? You can rent your permit to Téo Taxi. Everything is legal according to the “Ministère des Transports du Québec”.

Téo Taxi takes care of the vehicle, insurance, administration and management of drivers.

If you are a taxi permit owner, you can make a guaranteed weekly income ($229,95 per week) by renting us your permit, at no cost to you.

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Contact us today: or 514-303-8836


Are you interested in trying something new and having financial security? Join our electric taxi team!

Téo Taxi provides an electric vehicle, electricity, maintenance, cleaning and calls.

If you have a pocket number, you can become a driver for our electric taxi company. You’ll drive the best cars in town, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. You’ll be paid a regular salary with benefits (40 hours a week, part-time positions available). We guarantee an average of $15 per hour in income (a guaranteed minimum of $11 per hour, plus $4 per hour in tips). All tips are yours to keep.

Your mission: to make our clients happy with top-quality service. Don’t wait! Contact us today. or 514-303-8836

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